MoveWORK has been firmly positioned within the operations tracking sector for several years.

Whereas many solutions focus on object tracking, MoveWORK has chosen to make the human factor a central concern and address this issue by managing activities in the broadest sense, including both people and objects.

The company focuses mainly and strategically on the multi-services area (cleaning, security, reception) and already offers a powerful activity monitoring solution. This is based on one of the best timekeeping and data collection platforms in Europe: Tracking Attendance

Activity & BI, analysis of your business data

Take control of your activities

Real-time activity analysis, behaviour surveys, monitoring the quality of your operations, incident analysis … There are many new challenges requiring the use of a operational solution that is fast and able to support the volume and diversity of massive data.

With the Tracking Attendance platform, you’ll enter the world of Big Data.

It allows you to collect large volumes of data via many different types of signing in systems (landline, NFC scanner, mobile terminal, RFID reader…etc.), but also follow-up, monitoring, alarm management, sorting and storage via a web-based solution that combines performance with ease of use.

Facilitate reporting and decision making

Managers today have to make decisions quickly. But they’re on the move and the complexity of the business and excessive volume of data makes it difficult to analyse activity using conventional tools such as Excel or other market management solutions.

The Tracking Attendance platform and its application extensions for Business Intelligence mean it’s now possible to define and disseminate powerful management indicators which can be viewed in real-time. Managers can also tailor corporate policies and strategies based on these indicators: predict delays at each site, develop and improve profitability, monitor quality, optimise contracts etc.

Find out more about the Tracking Attendance platform and its applications.

A specialist team of consultants

Motivated by the service culture, since it was founded, MoveWORK has opted to establish a close relationship with its clients. Our experts support our clients with implementing projects and at every stage of our relationship.

Implementing a solution for activity-level supervision calls for a lot of different skills, whatever the size of your business.

The first is to understand the legal environment surrounding your project. We discuss your needs with you in order to determine the information-gathering mode which is best suited to your activity (mobile or fixed reader, mobile scanner, geolocation, landline telephone …).

But beyond this initial step, it is the commitment of the company directors as well as the involvement of middle management that will be key factors for the success of this type of deployment.

Our team of consultants and experts will be there to listen and offer advice.

The latest technology

Big Data

Collection, storage and processing of activity data

Data Processing

Super-powerful computer and processor for mathematical processing


The connectivity era is revolutionising automatic data transmission


Data transfer, load distribution and data security

Major publishers have chosen to expand using Tracking Attendance

Research and innovation

MoveWORK is currently involved in several ambitious R&D programmes (procured by CIR in 2012) to develop a business intelligence solution that will tap into the tracking data gathered by the Tracking Attendance platform.

The current objective is to be able to process this information in order to prevent crisis situations and predict different potential scenarios according to internal (data tracking) and external (environment) events.

Leading professionals rely on us

MoveWORK around the world

In 2014, MoveWORK set up the MoveWORK International group to promote its development and international positioning. Valued at over €2.5 million, the MoveWORK group has 4 subsidiaries in Europe, and will open new establishments in Lisbon and Munich in 2015. In 2016 it will launch in the Americas, specifically Brazil and Mexico.

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